Don’t Stop!!

One of the most important lessons in life came from my mentor, John C. Maxwell. He told me that if I’m not learning, growing and improving, I am likely slipping backwards. I gave this lots of thought and realized how important a personal development plan is. More important than the plan is the implementation on a consistent basis.

After struggling with a lack of persistence a good part of my early years, I finally implemented a strategy. Reading and learning is part of my everyday routine and it is hard to miss a day, as it has become a habit.

The other side of what I’m learning is my ability to add value to others in my circle. Whether that is mentees, employees or colleagues, there is a great satisfaction in sowing into others to move their lives forward. So continue up the mountain of success by learning everyday. As you learn, take those nuggets and sow into others to add great value.

Some key points:

  1. Set aside the same time each day for your learning and growing by scheduling it as an appointment. Think about your car as your mobile classroom and listen to Audible or CDs.
  2. When you learn a nugget that you know will help another, make sure to share it as soon as possible.
  3. With all your nuggets of knowledge that apply where you are, categorize using the ACT method. Use an A to indicate APPLICATION and make sure to apply it to your life. Use the C to indicate CHANGE and then change that habit. Use the T to TEACH another and do it sooner rather than later.





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