Professional Power Program …A Personal Growth System

Successful people have been using personal growth systems to achieve goals and see results for decades. Why? Because communication skill-building, professional development, sharing and feedback, and accountability opportunities are each important – but they’re far more powerful when they all work together.

That’s where our Professional Power Program comes in. This year-long program brings together four of our most critical opportunities to build real progress and success. It’s relevant, comprehensive and, most importantly, effective – and it can help you get what you’ve always wanted out of life and business.

Together, Professional Power Program members:

  • Learn communication and speaking skills through the Maxwell Speakers Club (1st & 3rd Thursday 6:30-7:30p)
  • Work on professional and personal growth through Empowerment Mentoring (3rd Monday each month 2p or 6p)
  • Share ideas and feedback in topic-focused Mastermind Groups (5 groups per year; each group 5 weeks in duration, offered Mondays at noon or Wednesdays at 4p or Fridays at 8:15a)
  • Create accountability and forward movement via the Mindset Momentum Accountability Group (2nd & 4th Tuesday 4-5p)

Over the course of the year, you’ll receive more than 84 hours of quality programming and learning and skill development. You’ll also gain a network of other like-minded, growth-oriented professionals whose individual skills and wisdom can help build yours – and vice versa.

It’s an outstanding value at just $250 per month – and an even better one when you get two months free by paying $2500 up front for the year. Stop talking about moving forward and take the first step today.

What is the cost of waiting?  The time is now to take your life, your leadership and your results to a new level.  Join at any time as all the program components are rolling and stand alone.  Lead yourself and Grow strong teams for Rich results.  Get started today!

Only $2500