When I signed up, I did not know what to expect.  I met some amazing people through this group. Patti skillfully got us to open up and explore our thoughts. I was encouraged to embrace a new way of looking at situations and questioning old ways to make room for new options. – Kay McInroe, Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services-Georgia Properties   Kay’s Website


Patti’s Mastermind Classes have opened me up to be the leader I am supposed to be. I am discovering how to push myself out of my comfort zones and am realizing the potential I have as a leader.  If you want to grow in all areas of your life, Patti’s mastermind classes are the place to be.  Jennifer Lunsford, Certified Health Coach,  Jennifer’s Website


rachel smartt 3I have been a follower and mentor of John Maxwell through the past 15 years and was thrilled when I was able to attend several mastermind groups with facilitator, Patti Kadkhodaian.  Patti has a natural way to bring out the best in others and provide an accelerated learning environment where clarifying questions are asked, participants engage, and stories are shared moving others to action.  Patti is a leader of transformation and empowers others to embrace new thinking, skill sets, and action steps. Anyone desiring to create significance and change will want to be coached and influenced by Patti. – Rachel Smartt Naturopathic Doctor, Dream Coach, and Author  Rachel’s website   


I’ve participated in other mastermind groups in the past but this one was more structured and flowed nicely. Patti did a great job in making sure the group was diverse and the conversation compelling. I was always excited to go and never wanted to leave and am looking forward to participating in future LGR mastermind groups. – Jessica Beardsell, Founder & Owner of Fit 50 and Fab  Jessica’s Website


The mastermind group with Patti K was amazing.  It was one of the most inspirational and motivational things I have participated in.  If you have big dreams, I would recommend joining a mastermind with Patti.  This group will get you up out of your seat and ready to put your dreams into action.  – Andrew Moth, General Manager, The Avenue   The Avenue Website



Patti is well prepared each week.  As a facilitator, she made sure everyone had an opportunity to participate. What I learned in the mastermind group has transformed my way of thinking and how I view and evaluate others. – John Belizaire, Principle Agent, Nationwide Insurance John’s Website




I highly recommend the mastermind!  The group has helped me to recognize the necessary steps to make significant strides in both my personal and professional life.   – Russell Warren, Marketing Director, Golf Rider   Golf Rider’s Website  Russell’s Website




Patti is one of the wisest women I know. She brings practicality and deep experience in business to her coaching. Because of her and working directly with her, Ive had better accountability, better business and smarter decisions. The hour I spend working with her each week is one of my most valuable. I highly recommend her to any other business owner or executive looking to up their game– Ellie White-Stevens, Marketing Guru & Creative Director, Dirt1X   Ellie’s Website



After several mastermind groups with Patti K, I can honestly say, I have grown tremendously not only in my leadership for my business but with my family as well. Being surrounded by others who want to grow and learn to be stronger leaders is something that I can not put a price tag on. There was never a time when I walked away, not having been filled with ideas and optimism for the day ahead. In addition to the mastermind groups I also had the privilege to attend Patti’s Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn (based on the book by John Maxwell) workshop. This workshop was really informative and an absolute treasure for all the value I received. If you have any interest in growing as a leader, and a person, I would highly recommend Patti K and her services. Jeremy Gritton, Owner, Gritton’s Training System     Jeremy’s Website 

joycePatti K.’s energy, enthusiasm and generosity blend brilliantly in her Mastermind groups. She expertly facilitates conversations among people who have a lot on their plates and minds, guiding us to truths that are essential to achieving success in our personal and professional lives. I have learned so many brilliant basics in our group. Patti’s a star who shines brightly across the leadership landscape in our community. – Joyce Beverly, Publisher, Fayette Woman  Joyce’s Website


Cathy Berggren

This time with the Mastermind group has been a such a pleasure. So often we commit to something and because of our busy schedules, we often wander off to the things demanding our attention. I have found this time to be a refreshing break as I set aside the demands and share and learn from others… breathe deep, learn, grow and develop relationships with like minded folks. I am reminded that learning is a way of life that makes all of us better! As we continue to learn and grow, so do the organizations and business that we lead. Thank you, Patti, for pulling this together and creating this opportunity! I am better because of it! – Cathy Berggren, Executive Director, Real Life Center Cathy’s Website

Scott Rowland headshot

I did not even know what a Mastermind group was when Patti asked me to join the group but I quickly replied YES!  I guess that sums up Patti’s leadership skills!  John Maxwell says “Leadership is simply about influencing people. Nothing more, nothing less.”  Patti is a brilliant, caring, driven leader with a heart to help others become their best self.  Patti is one of my favorite people and I would encourage everyone to participate in her Mastermind Groups.  Her always shining smile and forever positive attitude encourage me to be my best.  I’m so excited that Patti is offering another Mastermind Group…I already signed up!Scott Rowland, Financial Expert


Maggie Laton HEADSHOT 1Working with Patti is like getting a B-12 shot. I attended her “Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Learn” workshop and left energized and empowered to reframe the experiences I was having at work and in life. Specifically, I took away the awareness that things WILL go wrong, so I need to have a plan for how to address those things and move forward. Patti also possesses a level of honesty that allows her to bring her own stories and experiences to the workshops and uses them to demonstrate the concepts in a way that convinced me that she was in this to help others for a long time. I look forward to working with Patti again in the future! – Maggie Laton

christineI have participated in two of Patti’s Mastermind Groups. The books and outlines were very insightful with information that I had not considered in my work and personal life. In addition, she created a very comfortable and positive setting to allow members to express their thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental environment.As part of the Mastermind Group, Patti facilitated discussions to enhance our learning experience through expression and conversation. Our groups were very engaging with substantive discussions and even some humor to lighten the atmosphere. – Christine Jordan, Christine’s Website


JamieArion-PowerCore-2I have been a big follower of John Maxwell for years and I have also known Patti for several years.  When she told me she was presenting a workshop on John Maxwell’s new book, “Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn”…..well, I was all in!! Patti’s enthusiasm and passion to help people is contagious.  Her caring, listening ear, and leadership abilities really allow you to challenge your thinking and draw out the ‘best version’ of yourself.  Her recent workshop challenged your mindset and attitude toward failure.  Is a setback really a setback or an opportunity for change and gain!!!  Awesome!!  Thanks Patti for just being you!!!
– Jamie Arion, Advocare Distributor, NASM Nutrition Specialist
Jamie’s Website

cathysmWhen I began the Mastermind Group with Patti I was not aware how powerful the meetings would be nor how much it would impact my business. Since I began attending the meetings, I noticed a dramatic increase in my business.  My business has tripled and I have closed more homes since participating in these meetings than I had all last year. I have taken on the role of leader and am enjoying the benefits that come with it. Thanks Patti for including me in your Mastermind Group. – Cathy Gailey, Realtor, RE/MAX Legacy II  Cathy’s Website


charliePatti did a Great Job of projecting her personal enthusiasm and attitude into the content of the Mastermind Group. It was apparent that she did her own homework and prepared for every meeting. Patti motivated her participants to read the proper chapters each week by sending out an e-mail Outline of her observations. During the meeting time she maintained control and at the same time she encouraged every individual to participate. My personal take-away — you are never too old to learn and to contribute. While I thought initially that there wasn’t much I didn’t already know about leadership, I soon could see examples on how the discussion was giving me insight into my everyday business and dealings with others. With Patti’s encouragement, I opened up some insights from my past experiences that turned out to be valuable to other participants.  I would encourage anyone who is ready to study and put in the time to prepare and participate to join one of these groups in the future — you will come out of the experience a better person and leader. – Charlie Nelson, Publisher of the Guide and Peachtree City Magazine Charlie’s Website 






Send me your story! Thanks for reading! Patti K.