This is Optional

One of the sayings I’ve heard my whole life is, “change is the only constant in life.”  I think we’re well aware of the fact that life changes everyday.  Even though we know that change will happen, it still seems to shock us at times.

Rather than stay stuck in our changes, good or bad, why not pull the lessons out of our experiences?  There is always a lesson for growth, but it must be an intentional choice.  What choice will you make…stagnation or growth?

I love the sign that sits on John Maxwell’s desk, “Yesterday ended last night.”  This applies to celebrations as well as adversity.

Some tips…

  1. Grieve but move on as soon as possible when adversity strikes.
  2. Celebrate the great moments, but don’t dwell there and stop climbing.
  3. Stay healthy, well, positive and whole to weather the tough times that will strike.



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